Sunday, August 3, 2008

Contemporary Lace in the Czech Republic

Vamberk is a small town approximately 100 kilometers east of Prague, at the heart of a traditional lacemaking region it is home to an excellent museum of lace and a biennial international lace festival. Two years ago I attended the festival as an exhibitor but this year as a mere visitor I was able to spend more time at the accompanying exhibitions as well as visiting those in other towns such as Rychnov nad Kneznou and Lanskroun.
Alena Lenka Cechova had a retrospective exhibition of lace and weaving at the Museum in the castle at Rychnov nad Kneznou. I was particularly taken with this piece, approximately 6ft high and in two layers it combined needlelace and weaving in a particularly effective manner. Unable to read the titles I am uncertain whether the figure in the foreground is trying to escape from behind the fence or reach those who are trapped on the other side of it.

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