Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Designer 2008

New Designers showcases the work of this years Graduates, Part 1 includes Textiles, Accessories, Glass, Ceramics and Jewellery.

There were some fabulous pieces on display at this exhibition. Photography is strictly forbidden so business cards and postcards are eagerly sought, further information on the exhibitors can also be found at New Designers On-line.

Farnham's stand looked spectacular, the work having more space to breathe and better lighting than when shown at the college. The most outstanding display was the UWE stand where the exhibits were few but large and certainly challenged the expected notion of 'textiles'.
Debbie Smyth from West Wales School of the Arts showed a number of pieces including very a lacey installation of pin and thread pylons in the landscape. However she calls herself a 'Constructed Texitle Artist' and her postcards were of her constructed pieces such as this tape measure sphere.

One Year On showcased the work of former New Designers exhibitors who have now moved on to develop their own businesses. Sarah Brown (who's work I had admired at Art of the Stitch) was exhibiting here. 84 Hours is based on her investigations into the working conditions of bookbinder William Wood who died in 1788, who worked a standard 84 hour week
Also in One Year On was Brighton based jeweller Leah Varney-Burch whose soft sculptural pieces are a tactile joy and with the neck piece (right) retailing at £800 look to have a bright future.

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