Sunday, August 3, 2008

IV Bienale Czech Lace

The 4th Bienale of Czech Lace was staged in the sports hall at Vamberk. This selected exhibition is only open to Czech Lacemakers and has many sub-categories such as lace made with non traditional techniques.
Eva Damborska was awarded a Silver Medal for her piece
Maria Haromadova exhibited an installation called Confrontation, comprising a series of thread wrapped hearts on the wall behind this superbly crafted three-dimensional heart constructed in wire in bobbin lace.
Zuzanna Hromadova's vast hanging was fabricated entirely by glue gun, it had no right or wrong side and caught the light beautifully. A truly inspiring piece of lace in a non traditional technique.
Dana Varilova is perhaps my favourite bobbin lacemaker, this is not one of her more experimental pieces but I love the movement within the work. Each of the three layers is able to stand alone and produce wonderful shadows but when they are hung together as intended the depth and interplay of lines is amazing.
This collar by Alina Jaskova shows classical bobbin lace techniques used to full effect. Shading us achieved not only by a good range of colours but also by a willingness to add in or remove colours within the work. Further subtle shading is achieved by the working of part-rows, allowing the colour against which it is being worn to show through. The use of wire allows embellishing touches not possible in traditional thread.

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