Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hyperbolic Crochet

Hyperbolic Crochet, at the Hayward, has been raved about, the mathematicians evidently think it is wonderful - sorry - it was dreadful!
The poster looked promising, being at the Hayward should have ensured quality but what we were presented with was for the most part second rate craft - fluffy messes, in inappropriate colours that did nothing to portray the splendors of the coral reef or the intricacy of its eco-system.
According to the website this installation is 'Fusing science and mathematics with fine art and handicraft, the reef is constantly updated by an ever-expanding group of participants from around the world.' It is the latter part of this statement that proves the undoing of the work - there is simply no quality control! Much of what is exhibited belongs at the Village Fete not in a 'Fine Art' installation.

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