Sunday, August 3, 2008

Psycho Buildings

Psycho Buildings at The Hayward is a series of large installations of atists 'take' on architecture.
Place (Village) by Rachel Whiteread is a mixed media installation of recycled doll's houses, illuminated as if inhabited. The viewer walks down a 'street' between hillsides of miniature dwellings. The feeling is of being in Lilliput Land, slightly disconcerting in its distorted sense of scale and place. There is also an element of voyeurism as one looks into the apparently empty homes.
Observatory, Air-Port-City is a transparent dome positioned on one of the Hayward's outdoor sculpture terraces. Tomas Saraceno has designed it to be experienced from outside and within where there are two levels. In the domes ground floor area there is once again a sense of displacement, distortion and voyeurism as one watches those in the upper level through a thick layer of flexible plastic
Ernesto Neto's Stone Lip, Pepper Tits, Clove Love, Fog Frog is a walk-in environment that not only plays with the viewers visual senses but also their sense of smell. The fine mesh that forms the outer skin of the 'body' and also the fog/ceiling layer can appear lightweight and airy or dense and oppressive depending on ones viewing position, seen from above it becomes a soft filter but from below it is dark and sinister.

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