Sunday, May 31, 2009

MAke 09

MAke 09 is the interim show for the MA students at UCA Farnham, held in the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries.
A very personal view of some of the highlights are shown below;
Carol Quarini is a textile student who's work focuses on the Uncanny. Her installation for features a net curtain with tambour lace saying "I never laid a finger on her", yet the extended length of net and the photograph half hidden in the chair suggest a diffferent story. It is as if the curtain has been surprised whist in the process of doing something sinister.
My own work looks at how the memory of a person remains in some form after their death, the deconstructed lace asking the question; at what stage does it cease to be a piece of lace and become a pile of threads, even then is there enough memory in the threads and impressed fabric to reconstruct a meaningful record of the previous life of the lace.
Beverly Ayling-Smith, also from textiles, shows work based on the fabrics associated with death.
Ros Perton, from ceramics
Banu Bal, also ceramics
Jessie Lee, from Glass
Award winning glass artist Tracy Nichols

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Subversive Spaces

Subversive Spaces at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, will tour to Oxfordshire and the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich. It looks at Surrealism.

Katie Holten
William Anastasi, Subway Drawings 2

Halima Cassell

Dreams Made Manifest is the title of Halima Cassell's exhibition at the Craft Study Centre. Featuring carved ceramic bowls, tiles and sculptures as well as new experimental pieces in brick.


Curated by Professor Lesley Millar, Cultex is the collaboration between three pairs of Japanese and Scandinavian textile artists. Gallerie F15, at Moss just south of Oslo, is where the site specific pieces have been designed for and so I wanted to see them here as well as at next years venues in the UK.

Viking Ship Museum - Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum contains the excavated remains of three viking ships together with many of the artefacts found inside them.

For me one of the most exciting areas of the exhibition was the textiles.


Carol Quarini and I went to Oslo to see the Cultex exhibition, while we were in Oslo we also visited a number of Museums and Galleries. In addition to these there were some interesting installations on the streets in the harbour area.

Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan 'From Fashion and Back' at the Design Museum was a retrospective look at Chalayan's work in fashion, film and design.

Photo courtesy of Carol Quarini

New Expressions

New Expression is an exhibition by jeweller Daisy Dunlop at the Leach Pottery St Ives.

Inspired by Nano

Also at the Dana Centre Francis Geesin was talking about her work inspired by the seemingly invisible world of the nano.

e_static shadows

The e_static shadows project, by Zane Berzina, was exhibited at the Dana Centre, Science Museum amd on March 11th there was an evening of exploration and interaction with the work.

Annatte Messager: The Messengers

The Annette Messager retrospective 'The Messagers' is at the Hayward Gallery.

Tate St Ives

Ben Nicholson: A Continuous Line is the main exhibition at Tate St Ives, it is accompanied by Luke Frost; Artist in Residence.


Deviants is a Crafts Council touring exhibiting at was at Worcester Museum and Art Galley


To mark the opening of the exhibition Desconocida:Unknown at Epsom a seminar was held at the college.