Sunday, July 27, 2008


This year's family holiday was taken in Adelboden, Switzerland, in early June. The resort had only just reopened after its spring shut down - the perfect time for walking in the higher pastures amongst the Alpine flowers.
This was the view from the hotel dining room, it was about a four mile walk to the base of the waterfall and the a cable car ride to the corrie above where the snow had only just melted and the grass was still brown.
Gornergrat at approximately 11,000 ft was a wonderful viewing platform for the surrounding mountains and glaciers, although still snow covered it was obviously melting fast around the observatory. Alpine Choughs congregate around the viewing areas in the hope of an easy meal, beautiful birds and quite magestic in flight.
Taking the train back down to Zermatt we decided to disembark at one of the stations and walk part of the way back. Only a couple of thousand feet lower than Gornergrat most of the snow had dissappeared and the alpine flowers had begun to blossom. Gentians (above) were the highest flowers that we saw although there were also pulsatillas, anemones, saxifrages and auriculars (below).
The melting snow had filled this lake at Elsiganalp. Deep, cold and clear the lake was surrounded by barbeque pits, obviously a very popular spot in high summer. We could not find an outlet for this lake but on our way back to the cable car found a stream welling up in the middle of a meadow which must have been where the waters from the lake resurfaced from underground streams in the limestone.