Friday, November 7, 2008

Textile Futures Research Group

Textile Futures Research Group - What Future for Living Textiles - Thursday 23rd October
Oron Catts of Symbiotica talked, via Skype, about tissue culture and the possibilities of growing leather or steak by seeding polymer scaffolding with the appropriate cells.
Manel Torres of Fabrican introduced us to his spray on fabrics. Not yet on the market, this product can contain cotton, linen, silk or manmade fibres. It's possibilities for use in fashion are fairly obvious but it could also be used in health work as medicines could be carried in it similarly to nicotine patches.
Suzanne Lee of Biocouture is working with growing fabric. Nano fibrils of cellulose grow in a vat of liquid and eventually float to the surface where they form a layer of 'fabric' that can be lifted off and dried either flat or over a form.The fabric can be coloured with fruit or vegetables. The jacket shown above is coloured with oxidised metals.

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