Friday, November 21, 2008

Claire Morgan: Periphery

Claire Morgan: Periphery is showing at the James Hockey & Foyer Galleries, UCA Farnham until 10th January 2009.
Fantastic Mr Fox looks at mans impact on the natural environment. The 'cage' into which the fox is apparently about to walk is constructed from scraps of plastic, a comment on the way in which man impacts upon the land with his careless disposal of 'unnatural' materials. Just above ground level tiny scraps of meat are suspended, perhaps evidence of the fox's lunch? Foxes, in common with other scavengers are frequently maimed and killed as a result of mans carelessness. Wounds from broken glass or jagged metal are common and ingesting plastic can prove fatal.
Cats & Dogs looks quite different from different angles and deserves to have time taken in observing the play of light and shadow and the different densities of the structures within the work. The way in which the density of the plastic scraps impacts on the appearance of the two glossy black crows is fascinating. Crows are often portrayed as menacing but here among the white plastic scraps they take on a surreal beauty that is echoed in the shadows cast on the walls.

Leaves suspended inside the Foyer Gallery continues into the outside spaces as if passing straight through the glass wall
At first glance a beautiful trail of crisp autumn leaves, closer inspection reveals not only dead leaves but also the remnants of dead birds posing the question why is a dead leaf beautiful and a dead bird not?

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