Monday, November 17, 2008

Surface Matters

Surface Matters: Machine Drawings by Tetsuo Fujimoto at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. Encompassing the macro and the micro the large wall hangings flow and undulate as almost three-dimensional landscapes when viewed from across the room, however when view at close quarters they can be almost overwhelming and force the viewer to really concentrate on the macro of what is before them.
On Friday 14th November I was fortunate to be able to attend 'Tetsuo Fujimoto in conversation with Lesley Millar', a wonderful experience. Professor Fujimoto spoke at length in English and, with the help of digital images, provided delightful insights into the background to his work. He took questions from the floor (translated for clarity by his son) and responded generously, imparting gems of knowledge in English. His wonderfully gentle sense of humour shone through when he spoke of his work as 'just sewing', we all knew that it is so much more. After the main talk we were treated to a demonstration of his working methods. With the larger pieces taking three months to make, the layer on layer of stitching gradually builds to a richly textured surface that deserves to be given the honour of time spent viewing it - the more you look the more in tune with it you become. I shall continue to take great pleasure in viewing his work every time I enter our library at Farnham.

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