Monday, November 17, 2008

Salisbury Arts Centre

Housed in an old church Salisbury Arts Centre has a regularly changing series of exhibitions, events and performances. The current exhibition, Hang it!, focuses on non painted wall hung works.
Maike Barteldres is a jeweller who works with non-precious stone such as slate. When incorporated into jewellery the intrinsic details of the stone become apparent and take on a preciousness of their own. For this show Maike is showing larger pieces of slate that incorporated jewellery. She says that 'nothing can exist in isolation, by working jewellery into a larger wall piece I give it a context when it is not being worn'. 5 part wall piece from slate holding one silver ring (above left).

Carol Farrow works with hand made paper which she works onto with linen thread, acrylic paint and wax. She often combines pieces for an almost sculptural quality and allows her colours to flow freely. The top surface of wax can produce an almost leather-like quality that, visually at least, turns the vulnerability of paper into the toughness of hide. Curve, 145 x 94cm (above)

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