Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Contemporary Czech Glass at the Craft Study Centre is from three artist/teachers, born in the 1970's, and their students, born in the 1980's.
My particular favourites are the playful Pony and Rocking horse from Michal Silhan. The elegant, simple, shapes of these forms belies the technilogical challenges involved in their casting. The way in which they are placed allows the pieces to interact with each other and for new shapes to be formed between them.
Pillow and Lowair from Zuzana Kynclova are equally playful but quite different. The subtleties of the contours and the density of colours make these pieces highly tactile. Visually these pieces entice the viewer to believe that they will be soft and yielding even though they know that they are formed from cold, hard, glass.
Veronica Cerna is showing two blown and cut glass vases, reminiscent of dividing cells, the depths of which harbour rich fluid colours that draw the viewer inwards.

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