Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gail Baxter - Arkheion

Arkheion is the title of a new series of work that I have begun as part of my practice based PhD studies.

My current research considers the manifestation of gaps and absences with archives.

As a lacemaker I can relate the known gaps in an archives to the deliberately constructed voids in traditional lace and unexpected archival absences to the incidental spaces between the stitches.

In Arkheion hand made paper is used to reference the sedimentation process by which archives are formed. The accumulation of paper fibres on the irregular grid system mirrors the way in which papers are gathered into an archive. Certain areas will naturally be more densely populated whilst other remain sparsely covered. This natural variation combines with the voids to create a complex three-dimensional labyrinth of light and shadow.
The shadows themselves speak of the hidden stories that lay buried within the subtexts of the archive awaiting discovery by those who are willing to delve deeply enough.

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