Saturday, May 1, 2010

Diana Harrison Quilt at V&A

Diana Harrison's Box is a two part installation of quilts based on discarded cardboard boxes.
The larger of the two (left) is wall hung and the edge panels are allowed (or possibly even encouraged) to curl as they would naturally do on a damp, discarded box.
The subtle colouring of the layers of dyed and bleached cloth is enhanced by the stitching lines that add to the sense of wear and tear that such a box would have seen.
That the second piece is shown on the floor as if randomly strewn there is very apt. For me this is the most exciting piece in the exhibition.
Based on a box lid its similarity of shape to so many of the bed quilts on show is unmistakable. Again incredibly subtle in its colouration and stitch detail it is the rendering of the marks left by parcel tape that sets this piece apart as being so outstanding.
Close inspection reveals the bands of sticky marks to be rendered as lines of immaculate tiny holes that allow the deeper, darker, layers to show through.
I would highly recommend watching the video of Diana talking about the inspiration behind the making of the quilts on the V&A

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