Saturday, May 22, 2010

Artist In Residence - UCA Farnham

The Artists' in Residence have been exhibiting in the James Hockey Gallery at UCA Farnham. Amongst the highlights were;
Kirsty Alman, Jewellery, Cluster collection. Inspired by the opulence of the baroque and rococo periods these are elaborate and richly textured pieces designed to make a statement. For me it is the encrusted forms, produced by drop casting molten silver, that make the collection so spectacular.
Nao Fukumoto, Hand Weaving and Natural Dying, The Shell that went Travelling. Nao finds her inspiration in nature, translating the form, pattern and colours into the language of warp and weft. The interplay of vertical and horizontal creating fabrics that are at once simple to understand and yet complex in their endless variations.
Rosie James, Textiles, Shed Series. Unusually for Rosie this piece is of a space rather than people, even so she manages to evoke a sense of movement that implies the active hustle that such a workplace engenders. These detailed drawings in thread on transparent cloth are enhanced by the subtle use of screen printing to give a lightly layered effect.
Tara J Murphy, Jewellery, Best Before collection. Attracted to the transience and impermanence of everyday materials Tara finds beauty in the discarded and cast-off waste of the consumer society. This series of brooches attest to her resourcefulness in turning the unwanted into the highly desirable. These innovative pieces capture the essence of something or someone that has gone before, some even commemorating personal loss.
Emma Yeo, Textiles & Jewellery. Emma is a multi-media designer who creates striking fashion accessories and bespoke interior installations. Her unique combination of technology and craft techniques produces intricately sculpted works that are both architectural and linear revealing an inquisitive approach to line and form.
Also showing work were;
Shiho Kito, Photography
Banu Bal, Ceramics
Jackie Denham, Ceramics
Janice Scull, Fine Art
Shelly Doolan, Glass
Niccolo Fano, Photography

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