Saturday, May 1, 2010

Constructed Space

Constructed Space, at The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, is an exhibition of work by four artist/makers who met whilst undertaking MA studies at UCA Farnham. They work in different materials but each is concerned not only with the construction of the work, but with the negative spaces that result, and how these spaces contrast with, accentuate and highlight the made objects. The 'spaces' allow light to permeate so the shadows become part of the architecture of the pieces.
The exhibitors are;
Gail Baxter - Contemporary Lace, Carol Quarini - Contemporary Textiles, Ros Perton - Ceramics & Tracy Nicholls - Glass.
Gail Baxter uses hand made paper to reference the sedimentation process by which archives are formed. The dramatic impact of her installation of paper lace cubes comes not from the delicate white tracery of the lace itself but from the effective use of lighting to draw new patterns on the walls. The angled lighting highlighting the different impression that is obtained according to one's point of view.
Carol Quarini's work examines the familiar becoming strange and the slippage between the animate and inanimate and the familiar turning on its owner. Her delicate net curtains reveal a subtly more menacing side when one takes the time to look closely at what the curtains are saying. Taking on a voice of their own and engaging in whispered conversations these apparently innocent nets know a secret or two. . . 'Appearances can be deceptive'
Ros Perton uses porcelain and other coarser clays to exploit the distinctive textual relationships between materials for visual and tactile effects. Here she shows a range of ceramics from translucent porcelain orchid pots to stacked vessels that showcase a variety of ceramic materials.
Tracy Nicholls completes the lineup with her fused and slumped glass panels. Visually these remarkable pieces are very strong and yet the knowledge that they are made of glass constantly reminds the viewer that they are also very fragile.

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