Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beguiling Time

Beguiling Time is a selected exhibition of Contemporary Lace by the 98 Lace Group at the De Morgan Centre.
Symphony in White, neck piece by Australian member Vishna Collins.

I'm not a fan of lace behind glass and unfortunately the placing of my Bowl of Night in a glass cabinet meant that it was not lit to produce the shadows that are such an important part of the piece. It would have been far better on a plinth where the audience could have walked around it and seen the subtle nuances of the purples and midnight blues, amongst the blacks, that come to light from different angles.

Carol Quarini produced a three layer panel, Cloths of Heaven, (detail right) which could also have been hung more sympathetically. Given space between the panels the subtle play of light could have enhanced this work. It's unusual to see Carol work in such strong colours but she has shown that she up to the challenge with the colours from one layer blending into another through the translucency of her delicate silk papers. Her bobbin lace inclusions are, as always, the stars of the show drawing the viewer in for closer investigation.

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