Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stroudwater International Textile Festival

Stroudwater International Textile Festival is an annual event that takes place in and around Stroud, a traditional cloth manufacturing area.

Amongst the exhibitors at the Museum in the Park was Anna S King who makes baskets that are both exquisite in their execution and questioning in their meaning. The Wrong Side is a beautifully coiled 'pot' but the inclusion of rusted flat nails turns it from a piece that invites handling into one that distinctly says 'do not touch' and questions both our desire to hold and what the contents are that require protecting in this way.
Weavings by Ptolemy Mann, in the George Room Gallery are saturated with glorious rich colours that glow. Based on the ancient ikat techniques of dyeing and weaving these are truly modern textiles influenced by the modern expressionists such as Rothko and Elsworth Kelly. These are pieces that bear close scrutiny and yet remain striking from a distance.

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Riddhi said...

nice pot dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved the idea of nails..
but i wud prefer pins..!!!!
neways nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!