Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New York 2010 - United Nations Sculptures

Cold but dry (-5c).
Good day for walking and taking in the sights.
First stop Bryant Park, icicles on the fountain and skating on the rink, perhaps more importantly for Anna - free wi-fi!
Christmas tree and street decorations still up and whole area looks lovely

Next stop Grand Central Station. Considered coming back to the Oyster Bar for lunch as the menu was so good. Found the 'Whispering Arches' - like St Paul's whispering Gallery but below ground level. The painting of the constellation on the ceiling of the main atrium (above) was beautiful although I'm told it's back to front.
Amazing mixture of architecture including lots of relief work and detailing on the facades.
Walked on across the city until we came to the United Nations. Great to see the actual Hepworth sculpture as I've seen it marked out on her studio floor where it looked vast.
Also at the UN is 'Sphere within a Sphere by Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro which was unveiled in 1996.

And 'Knotted Gun' by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik which was given to the UN by the Luxembourg government in 1988
From here we walked up to Saks on Fifth Avenue and on to Tiffany's for Anna to get some retail therapy buying a birthday present with money from her grandmother.
Shoes are really not my thing but as Anna is doing a Masters degree in Fashion Footwear at London College of Fashion she spotted this piece of street sculpture from a long way off.

We found a fountain stacked with these giant red baubles that was a great landmark. Breakfast at a local cafe on one side and the turning for our hotel on the other.

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