Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York 2010 - Final thoughts

I'm not really a city girl - a week is plenty for me but this visit has been fascinating I just wish it was closer so that I could visit more often.
The people were very friendly and helpful, the midtown area was very clean and had lots of 'formal' art but the cheaper areas such as Soho were more individual and perhaps more interesting.
One thing that did fascinate us was the American advertising; on television a company can attack its competitors by name.
We were amazed to see a giant hoarding showing the image of the plane that came down in the Hudson River being used in advertising. The event must have been horrific for those involved and this commercialisation of it seems quite demeaning.

On another corner of Times Square was a hoarding showing President Obama at the Great Wall of China wearing a particular brand of Jacket. There was quite a to-do going on in the press about the use of the President's image to promote a company but the advert was still there when we left.
On a lighter note, we were highly amused by the way that British car show Top Gear was being promoted to the American viewing audience as 'the funniest car show ever', true as it might be I suspect it's not quite how the presenters would like it to be promoted - especially not on the side of a bus!

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