Saturday, January 23, 2010

New York 2010 - Happy Birthday

Monday was Anna's birthday and once again cold (only -8c) but dry. Began the day at the Ugg store to buy her birthday present(s).
Whilst in the area we looked in at a shop that sells hand made shoes (more my style than Anna's). At the back was this lovely hexagonal weave basketwork lampshade which was casting wonderful shadows.
In the same area were some of the most beautiful fire escapes

We then took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry which gives good views of the Statue of Liberty and the classic New York skyline. I think that the old ferry terminal is much nicer than the new one but I'm only admiring the architecture not trying to get through it at rush hour!

During the day there are only two ferries operating but this at least double at peak periods .
The afternoon was spent looking at architecture and in shop windows. We came across the 'Love' sculpture by Robert Indiana which had originally been designed as a Christmas card for MOMA and has since also appeared on an American postage stamp.
It was on this walk that Anna spotted the relief on the Diesel store front which was to finalise her decision on where her masters project is going - relief work, in fur, on men's shoes (should be interesting!)
Rounded the day off with dinner at 'Robert', the new restaurant on the 9th floor of the Museum of Arts and Design - an excellent choice.

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