Monday, August 17, 2009

Tate St Ives - Summer 09

7 rooms - 7 artists, a really mixed bag.
I never cease to be amazed by how many Hepworth pieces I have not seen in the flesh, the rotunda gallery (above) has many old favourites and a few that are new to me. I always love to see them in this setting, the light is wonderful and the curve of the gallery seems to echoes so many of the forms.

Carol Bove (below) is an artist I've not come across before but I love her work. I'm especially taken with the way that she elevated the old, broken and battered to the status of works of art. The net hanging at the left hand end of the gallery looks just like an ordinary fishing net that's been washed up on the beach but it is actually made from very fine silver chain. This chain is a common link in many of the pieces here, suspending a pale 'sand-dollar' and a delicate piece of driftwood, surrounding a portrait and a second net at the far end.
The Breath-taker is the breath-giver' is an installation of video projections by Bojan Sarcevic that must be driving the attendants insane. Nothing to do with the images, just having to stop each visitor and warn them of the glass 'pavilions' that project into the darkened gallery space (left). I was particularly taken with the slowly rotating images and beautifully lit stills of the wooden box and sand that were accompanied by specially commissioned Turkish music. 'A poetic exploration of sculptural space' was the catalogue entry - a perfect description.

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