Monday, August 17, 2009

Richard Long

Richard Long 'Heaven and earth' at Tate Britain is a retrospective that covers a rage of mediums used by this resourceful artist. I've always preferred the physical presence of the mud paintings and rocks to the photographs which leave me with a slight sense of loss for the places I will never see.
I'm not sure how I got to this image (left) but it was via the Tate Britain site which gave you the opportunity to explore works in greater detail ( must go back and note how I did it). The 'splatters' are such a lively element of the works, delicate details that are so different from the force of the main work.

I found some of the stone circles more interesting than others, they always put me in mind of burial mounds. The flint one was superb and reminded me that I would like to revisit Grimes Graves (Neolithic flint mines) next time I'm in Norfolk.

'Stone Line' 1980 is a classic piece that I can look at for hours, there is something fascinating about the juxtaposition of the regularity of the works outlines and flat plains with the irregularity of shapes from which it is formed. The negative spaces in this are also interesting, an aspect that attracts me in many of his works.

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