Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fashion & Lace Museum, Calais

Having heard that there is a new lace museum in Calais I thought that I would look it up on the web to see how easy it would be to get there.
I was dissapointed to find that the website is only available in French and has very few images.
However there was a good map of how to get there and access appears to be easy from the ferry port.
For me the most interesting section was the English language Press Release which contains good images. I was highly impressed with the facade of the building (right) which takes its decoration from the punch cards used for early machine made lace.
I am looking forward to visiting the museum and discovering where they have placed the emphasis in their displays. Putting Fashion first in the title is likely to attract more visitors than the Lace would so perhaps there will be high levels of fashion on display. Within any lace display it is always interesting to see what the balance is between the types of handmade lace and between the handmade and machinemade laces.

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