Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heimo Zobernig and the Tate Collection

Heimo Zobernig and the Tate Collection has not been particularly well received locally perhaps because of its disjointedness. The accompanying booklet states that 'Through Zobernig's idiosyncratic choice and presentation of the Tate Collection and through the dynamic juxtaposition with his own works, the artist radically challenges the gallery context to produce an exhilarating and unorthodox display' - he certainly succeeds in the latter.
This is an exhibition that I will need to revisit a number of times if I am to stand any chance of 'getting a handle' on where its coming from. At the moment I'm not getting beyond seeing works that I am instinctively drawn to such as Naum Gabo's Construction: Stone with a Collar, 1936-7 version (T06975)

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