Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cloth and Culture Now

Cloth And Culture Now, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich. 29th January - !st June 2008

A diverse range of textile practitioners from six countries are showing work that focuses on traditional practice that has been filtered through contemporary making.

Latvian artist Dzintra Vilks uses observational drawing as the starting point for her works. Her forms constructed of bamboo and cotton often produce strong shadows and yet are very soft in their colouring, relying on subtle tonal changes to give greater depth to the work.

Mare Kelpman is exhibiting lasercut polyamid patterns drawn from traditional Estonian embroidery. The vastly exagerated scale, overlapping shadows and cutting edge materials/techniques emphasise that this piece is capturing a moment in time and transcending its traditional roots.

Shelly Goldsmith has been looking at methods of liberating tapestry from its place on the wall. This three-dimensional piece indicates ideas of excesses being built up in some areas whilst others are lacking and references her ongoing interest in flooding and drought.

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