Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stan's Cafe

Stan's Cafe, Of All the People in All the World, the Exchange Gallery, Penzance. Stan's Cafe is a group of atrists, based in Birmingham, which specialises in creating unusual art works in a range of contexts.
At the Exchange Gallery they have created an interactive installation developed from a single grain of rice. By using a single grain of rice to represent a single individual, otherwise abstract human statistics take on a more personal and tangible significance. The statistics are arranged in labeled piles that evolve as a result of discussions with with visitors to the event. The statistics range from the number of millionaires to the number of people displaced by the conflict in Darfur on a global scale to the more local statistics of the number of children employed in Cornish mining in 1839 to the number who journeyed to Gwennap Pit in 1871 to hear John Wesley preach.

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