Thursday, January 24, 2008

Space to draw

Space to Draw, Jerwood Space, 17 january - 10 February.

This is an exhibition by a number of aritists who use drawing as an important part of their working process.

Michael Shaw creates virtual sculptures using CAD, the stills from What Might Be (left) give little hint of the wonderful, mesmeric, three-dimensional movement that flows through this animated piece.

Antony Gormley is showing both two and three-dimensional drawing, Feeling material V is made of a continuous length of square section steel formed to indicate the form of an absent body. It is a superb example of a line 'drawing in space'.

Lounger by Paul McDevitt is based on drawings of sculpures by Henry Moore. His explanation of it as being esentially a linear structure, solid yet light enough to allow a glimpse into the hollow interior. It held a great resonance for me, it has the elegant simplicity of form and yet is formed from a complex intertwining of linear elements - not dissimilar to the formation of lace.

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