Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's It For?

What's it For? New work by Oxfordshire Basketmakers at Vale & Downland Museum, Wantage.
Product of an Iron Pour by Alison Berman gives a clue to the diverse range of mediums in which this group works, the moulds made of newspaper are almost as desirable as the finished product, I was especially taken with the way that Alison had left the pouring funnel to become the stand.
Jo Gilmour's Contraptions for colonising cubes are a continuing theme within Jo's work. Constructed from fine lengths of Phormium leaf, and attached to stout hazel rods, these tumbling clusters give wonderful shadows and a great sense of movement.
Grass Nest by Judith Ferns, made from decorative grasses this delicate little basket evokes the soft whispering of summer breezes.
In complete contrast are the Gourds by Alison Urwick, hard and solid yet whimsical and intricately decorated. Alison says she treats all problems as opportunities viewed from the wrong end, however you view them these pieces are a joy to behold.

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