Saturday, October 31, 2009


Handbuilt, Presented by the Crafts Council at the Sackler Centre in the V&A. This small exhibition showcases the work of five UK based makers including Gary Breeze: Lettercutter and Ptolemy Mann: Woven Textiles.
Charlie Whinney (formerly sixixis) produced this superb sculpture of sinuously twisting wood. Their website is well worth a visit to see the range of work that they produce including lampshades and furniture.
I've seen a lot of beautiful glass recently so I was surprised by how taken I was with these pieces by Eleanor Long. Perhaps it was the way in which the echoed the curves of the works around them or possibly it was the subtlety of the light that hinted at the possibilities of what lay beyond. Small but beautifully formed these pieces could fit into any home but when the glass lines are used at full scale in architecture they are stunning (see her website).
Walter Jack Studio were also showing very sinuous work but this time in solid concrete. Designed as a retaining wall in to be built in sections the scale is given by the model figure in front of the right hand section of the image above, you need to look carefully! The actual blocks of concrete just cried out to be touched, not the normal response to this impersonal material.

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