Friday, January 4, 2013

Lace:Here:Now - Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Lace - contemporary works inspired by Nottingham Lace shown alongside examples of traditional machine-made Nottingham lace at Nottingham Castle.
Joy Buttress - Worn, 2012
Joy is interested in the capacity of lace to be both beautiful and repulsive, particularly when it becomes stained, brittle or discoloured with age.

In this installation she uses lace motifs embroidered onto vintage women's undergarments. These are mainly suspended above head-height to encourage the viewer to look within rather than just at the exterior surface.
To this end Joy states that she wants 'the viewer to be challenged to search for unseen and concealed interventions on the inner surface of the garments, suggesting intimacy, secrecy and suppression'.

Nicola Donovan - Still, 2012.

Lace machine parts suspended in time and motion by a criss-crossing of threads that mingle with the shadows to form a 3D lacework echoing the mysteries of this lost industry.

Timorous Beasties - Devil Damask lace
This stunning panel of white lace hangs the full length of the main staircase at the Castle casting great shadows onto the wall behind

 It costs £75 per metre from I'm very tempted by their 'Spring Blossom', 'Bamboo' and 'Silver Birch' lace all of which would fit in well with the bamboo that grows outside my window.

One of the traditional pieces on display is the magnificent Battle of Britain panel from the Castle's collection.
I have details on these panels in my files and will write about this at a later date.
Overall a show well worth travelling to see.

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