Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ospreys and red squirrel near Keswick

The Lake District is a great place to watch birds and just north of Keswick the pair of breeding Osprey are rearing two chicks. The Osprey Watch Project have set up two viewing points on the side of Dodd Wood, just above MireHouse where they are providing scopes and binoculars as well as information on the progress of the nest this season. This morning the chicks were provided with a fish at 10.30 and then the female sat watch on the side of the nest for most of the morning. Unfortunately this year the Ospreys have decided to nest where the project can't get a camera on the nest but they should have some great photo's on the website soon as the chicks are due to be ringed any day.

The lower viewing point also has a bird/red squirrel feeding station which is very well attended.

Two young greater spotted woodpeckers, two jays and a red squirrel put in prolonged appearances while I was there today.

An otter was also reported as having been seen in the pools at the end of the lake this morning.

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