Friday, September 11, 2009

Andrea Gregson - Garden Museum

Last Night For Ever is the title of the installation at the Garden Museum by Andrea Gregson. The title is taken from the final event at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (1661-1859) and it was research into the archives surrounding the gardens that was the inspiration for the piece.
Nearly 6 metres long, with viewing holes at eye-level, the mausoleum like structure fits in well with its surroundings in the church with its modern blond wooden insertions.
Hidden within the structure are layers of imagery from several centuries referencing the original Vauxhall Gardens and the buildings that currently stand on or near the site. These locations merge to form hybrid locations that are quite surreal blending 'ancient' grottoes with modern building rubble and formal gardens with wild overgrowth - a parallel world in miniature where things are not quite right.

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