Sunday, May 31, 2009

MAke 09

MAke 09 is the interim show for the MA students at UCA Farnham, held in the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries.
A very personal view of some of the highlights are shown below;
Carol Quarini is a textile student who's work focuses on the Uncanny. Her installation for features a net curtain with tambour lace saying "I never laid a finger on her", yet the extended length of net and the photograph half hidden in the chair suggest a diffferent story. It is as if the curtain has been surprised whist in the process of doing something sinister.
My own work looks at how the memory of a person remains in some form after their death, the deconstructed lace asking the question; at what stage does it cease to be a piece of lace and become a pile of threads, even then is there enough memory in the threads and impressed fabric to reconstruct a meaningful record of the previous life of the lace.
Beverly Ayling-Smith, also from textiles, shows work based on the fabrics associated with death.
Ros Perton, from ceramics
Banu Bal, also ceramics
Jessie Lee, from Glass
Award winning glass artist Tracy Nichols

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