Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eden Project

Between Christmas and New Year is a great time to visit the Eden Project, it's not too busy but is still lively with lots of interesting things going on.
This years central Christmas tree was made from recycled plastic carrier bags, this seemed very appropriate in a year that has seen the most dramatic change in attitude to the excessive use of plastic bags by both the buying public and the shops who supply them.
Inside the tropical Biome the Totems have been restored. Created by West African sculptor El Anatsui, the wood came from the charred timbers from a part of Falmouth docks that had been destroyed by fire. They started their life as trees in West African and have been restored by James Eddy.
I was really surprised to find that it has been over a year since I was last at the Eden Project, I stay fairly up to date with what is going on via the local newspaper but had no idea how overgrown the tropical Biome had become - much more 'wild' and natural now. Some areas are still planted up with crops and the bananas, which were new last time I visited are now well established, I loved the growing habit of the recently planted vanilla plants.
The once bright copper of the Education Centre roof has now dulled to a subtle brown with tinges of blue which is much more in keeping with the surroundings. Inside it was my first opportunity to see the 'Seed'. I had heard about the finding of the rock, design, carving and installation process (1 hour 45 minutes to lift it in by crane) but had not actually seen the real thing. It's beautiful, there's something quite serene about it as it sits quietly in its nest at the heart of the building. It's obviously being handled on a regular basis, as you can see the difference in colour, but I think that this is a good thing as it's bringing people into physical contact with a piece of granite that is millions of years old and will hopefully make them consider how precious a resource it is.

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