Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fields of Gold

The mild climate means that spring comes early in Cornwall, the first daffodils are picked in January and by mid February many of the fields are a rich golden yellow. The blooms that are picked to be sold are in tight bud, the ones that are seen flowering in the fields are those that come out after the field has been cropped. Daffodil picking sounds like a wonderfully romantic way to earn a living but the reality is that it's a cold, slimy often wet and utterly miserable process often undertaken by migrant workers.
It's still too early for bluebells but the hedges are fully of Ransoms, wild garlic, which emits its pungent odour if it is crushed.
In the gardens the Camellia's are in full bloom and absolutely stunning, as are the early deep pink Magnolia's.

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