Friday, October 26, 2007

Rezia Wahid - Crafts Study Centre

The shape of things: textiles of Rezia Wahid is at the Crafts Study Centre until 5 January 2008.The shape of things is intended to be a series of ten projects where artists working with crafts media are commissioned to produce site specific work for a variety of sites around the country.

Rezia Wahid's work is described as 'Woven Air', she works with the finest yarns including silk and merino wool which allow light and air to pass through the work and so add an extra dimension.
The weavings are translucent and transparent and move with the slightest of air currents.

The exhibition comprises 18 major pieces, 12 of which are hung in the main gallery. Some are displayed in the glass cases along with a selection of sketch books which are as beautiful as the works themselves. There are 7 smaller, framed pieces for sale in the Reception. The exhibition also includes a video of the cloths being used in collaboration with a dance group.

An additional pleasure for me were the shadows cast on the floor by the lighting.

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